How Did Ross Cameron Get Started Day Trading?

Ross Cameron is a well-known day trader, but he didn’t start out as one. When he was in high school, he opened an Ameritrade account with $1,000. He knew there was money to be made in the stock market, so he bought blue chip stocks like U.S. Steel and ExxonMobil. 


These were long-term investments and the successful leader Ross Cameron saw little change in their value. Since he was in high school, doing odd jobs like mowing lawns, the trading gurú got discouraged since he believed he would need to make an enormous investment to see any returns. 


After high school, Cameron went on to college to become an art teacher. His plans changed when he went home to be with his father, who was ill. Ross Cameron got a job in a service station, learned some useful skills, and dreamed of opening his own service station. 

Trading Expert Ross Cameron


After receiving an inheritance after his father’s death, Cameron chose to invest in the market. He wasn’t happy with the returns and decided to manage his own investments (Finance). 

Once he heard about penny stocks, he was hooked. It took several years for Ross Cameron to teach himself about stocks that were inexpensive and could make significant gains in just a few days. Soon, he began teaching and mentoring others to become successful day traders.