How Jason Huges CEO of Hughes Marino Changed Property Management Forever

Jason is a mastermind when it comes to property management strategies. This is what has allowed him to attract elite clients as CEO of Hughes Marino, a property management firm that can help with buying and selling representation. The firm also specializes in relocation, construction, and many other projects. In addition to being prolific in his field of knowledge, he has also pioneered legislation as well, making him a true force to be reckoned with when it comes to property management services.


The State of Property Management


When Jason founded Hughes Marino, he changed the way property management is handled forever. His firm is dedicated to providing its clients with top-quality services so that they always get the most optimal results. Here is a quick list of some of the specific services they provide:


Lease auditing and accounting

Culture consulting

Physical distancing analysis

Planning and design

Buyer and tenant representation

Program and project management

Hughes Marino Construction management

Sale-leaseback transactions and restructuring


Changing the Laws for The Common Good


Jason Hughes dedication to his clients goes far beyond just his business dealings. In 2014 he was instrumental in pioneering the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill in California. According to Hughes Marino specialists, this bill would improve transparency for commercial tenants when dealing with a broker that represents both the tenant and landlord. Going into effect in 2015, the bill has helped to prevent conflicts of interest.


The Future of Property Management


Being such an influential person in the property management business, Jason and Hughes Marino will be helping to shape the nature of the business moving forward. Not only is he working to negotiate a variety of high-value leases, but Jason is also expanding into a variety of new market sectors.