Hughes Marino: A Leader In Commercial Lease And Purchase Transactions

Hughes Marino is a buyer and tenant representation firm. It has been involved in lease structuring and negotiations, lease administration, construction, project management, facility management, portfolio management, planning and design, owner user acquisition and more for almost 30 years. He graduated from Pepperdine University with a BS in business administration. 


Hughes also attended the University of San Diego and earned an MBA. Plus, he completed executive and business programs at Harvard and UCLA. He then worked at Century City Los Angeles based Cushman & Wakefield in the 1980s.


Hughes Marino: Meeting The Needs Of Tenants 


Ever since the 1980s, Jason had developed a reputation as someone commercial tenants could depend on to get things done right; he handled office space, industrial space or labs. After beginning his career representing corporate clients negotiating the purchase or lease of property in Los Angeles, Hughes then moved to San Diego. There he founded Hughes Marino. 


The firm soon grew to become the top company providing tenant and buyer representation exclusively. Jason and the team at Hughes Marino are market leaders focused on offering the industry’s best client services.


A California-Wide Impact


Jason was so concerned about the tenant representation field, he pioneered legislation Governor Brown signed into law in August 2014. Hughes Marino also opened offices throughout the state. And Jason did lease and purchase transactions dealing with millions of square feet of commercial space. The company went on to do work on lease and purchase transactions in cities all over the United States.