Jason Hope Avoids Dwelling On Failures

There are certain things in life that are going to happen. One of them is failure. Everyone is going to fail at something at some point in life. At the same time, coping with failure can be difficult and uncomfortable; people do not like to think about what it means to fail. This is something Jason Hope knows well. 


He has done a lot of thinking about his own life. In doing so, he’s come to some very important realizations. These are some of the guiding principles of his life. They are also ideas that he likes to share with others; Jason Hope has found that it helps to examine what happened and why it happened.

At the same time, he is also well aware that dwelling on failures can have some highly negative consequences. The activist investor instills that a good balance between the two is always going to be a helpful thing to keep in mind. 

Activist Investor Jason Hope

The Big Picture 


The larger picture is always something he thinks about in his personal and business life. It is very crucial to keep things in perspective. That enables him to see what he’s going now. It also enables him to think about where he would like to be as he looks to the future (Crunchbase). 

He knows that failure is often expected in the business world. This means meeting it head on. It also means knowing that it has lessons to teach anyone about what it really means to find success. This can also help someone find a roadmap that helps them see what didn’t work and how it might work out in the future. For Jason Hope, it also means seeing what happened when he was young. He knows that younger people often make a lot of mistakes. They can also learn and grow as they grow up.