More Women Are Getting Into Home Building

For all times, home building was something that was only done by men. However, more women are now entering the construction industry. According to Nick Millican, there are currently 297,000 women who are in the construction industry. 


There are 1.8 million men in the construction industry. Additionally, there is a new campaign called “I Am a Housebuilder” that is aimed at getting more women in the construction industry. And this is where real estate agent Nick Millican comes in.


The campaign was started by seven women. Georgina Hammond is the director and co-founder of Beau Property, Nick Millican shears. She stated that house building is an industry that is not only for men. She stated that women benefit the construction industry by bringing empathy and creativity. 


There are currently 2,000 small or medium-sized housebuilders in the United Kingdom. Only two percent of these companies are female-owned, Nick Milllican adds. Xuan Meng is the director and founder of Cozy Hauz. She stated that she is honored to be in the construction industry because she is the first woman in her family to do so. 


She also stated that 50 percent of her employees are women. Additionally, she hopes that she inspires more women to enter the housing industry. Nick Millican has also helped people who are in the construction industry. He uses his leadership skills to help people make real estate decisions.