Nick Millican Shares A Unique Property Selling Point

A Hampstead estate agent has found a novel way to market a £2.9 million property: boasting that his mother lives nearby. Michael McHale, who works for KIRE, wrote a humorous listing for a three-bedroom flat on Eton Avenue. In this, he claimed that the best reason to buy it was to have his mum, Paula, as a neighbor, real estate agent Nick Millicanexplains. 


He described her as a friendly, helpful, and generous person. She does gardening for the whole house and chats to everyone on the street, Nick Millican adds. He also mentioned the other property features like the spacious rooms, private sauna, large garden, and convenient location. 


He insisted that none could compare to his mother’s presence. The listing posted on January 26 has attracted attention on social media and generated interest from potential home buyers, some of whom want to meet Paula in person. Nick Millican adds that McHale says his mum was flattered by his words and rewarded him with extra dessert. 


There´s more on this whole housing market story. Now, he hopes his unconventional marketing strategy will help him sell the property faster and for a higher price, showcasing his mum’s charm and personality. McHale says his mother’s sense of humor inspired him to inject some fun into the property market, which he says can be too serious.

The £2.9 million flat has been in the family for over 20 years and has hosted many happy gatherings and celebrations, Nick Millican reports. McHale says he hopes to find a buyer who will appreciate the history and location of the property, as well as the chance to have his mum as a neighbor.